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“I always tell my people not to use anyone but PCI for my clients, ‘cause I know that they will be taken care of by you.”

(State Farm Insurance )

“You guys ROCK! You're the best, Thank you.”

(insurance agent)

"I appreciated the way you have gotten to our customers quickly and forwarded the inspections to us in a timely manner."

Office Manager
& Marketing Director
P.R. State Farm

"Thank you for all your help with my customers. They are always pleased with the Heberts "

Leslie R.
(insurance agent)

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For Realtors

The role of your Home Inspector

To provide an unbiased, written report based on the condition of the home.

  To report the condition of the homes structure, roof and major systems.

  To advise the client as to areas that are, unsafe, require immediate repairs or maintenance and sensible safety related updates.

  To help you help the client to make informed decisions about the home

Different Levels of Defects
Watch List: An item that is not currently a problem, but has a high likelihood of failing in the near future.
– Older Roof
– Older Water Heater or Furnace
– Recommendations for regular maintenance.

Repair and/or Replace: An item that is defective and should be repaired in order to guard against more damage.
– Roof Flashing
– Leaky Pipes
– Damaged Electrical Outlets

Significantly Deficient: Defined in State Law as “Any system or component that is unsafe or not functioning”.

 “Not Functioning” is easy. It does not work, e.g., the furnace does not work.

Unsafe is defined against current National Standards, not local codes.

Unsafe: Defined in State Law as “A condition in a system or component that is a significant risk of personal injury or property damage during normal, day-to-day use. The risk may be due to damage, deterioration, improper installation or a change in accepted residential construction standards.

Being in accord with local building codes is not the same as being safe.

Codes are a minimum standard of required work.

 Codes vary from town to town. National standards do not.

  A house can be perfectly compliant with code, but be perfectly unsafe.

 Inspectors are required, by law, to call out all “Significantly Deficient” items.

What can we do for you ?
We promise to act professionally towards you and the client at all times.

We undertake to deliver a comprehensive and unbiased report to your client in a timely manner.

 We are happy to discuss the findings of our report with you at your client’s request.

 We guarantee to perform the inspection exceeding with industry standards and in full compliance with any state requirements.

Professional Service + An Informed Buyer = A quick closing

Types of inspections

Pre-listing inspections:
Give the seller the opportunity to correct defects prior to listing, provide a more accurate disclosure, take nasty surprises out of the equation and speed up the closing.

Buyer’s inspections:
Give the potential purchaser and their Realtor the tools needed to make an informed decision about the condition of the home and reduce liabilities for all involved.

Renter’s Security Deposit Inspection:
Have a certified home inspector document the condition of your rental property before you rent it. Avoid the hassle of security deposit disputes with renters.

Our Standards of Practice
We are required to meet standards of practice as laid out by our trade organization or state licensure.

We report on the materials and methods used in the construction of dwellings and their systems and report on their overall condition based on a visual and non-invasive inspection.

What are we looking at ?
The report will contain comments on the condition of the following systems

Roof system & coverings.
Exterior & lot.
 Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure.
Heating systems.
Cooling systems.
Plumbing fittings & fixtures.
Electrical supply & distribution.
Fireplace & chimney.
Attic & Insulation.
Doors, Windows & Interior.

What really matters to your clients ?

We provide an easy to understand inspection report, complete with color photos and diagrams, pointing out to the potential buyer the overall condition of the home and the areas that may need repair or maintenance.


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