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Single Family Homes*

Up to 2500 square feet   $350.00

2501 through 3000 square feet   $375.00

3001 through 3500 square feet   $400.00

3501 through 4000 square feet   $425.00

4001 through 4500 square feet   $450.00

4501 through 5000 square feet   $475.00

Over 5000 square feet quoted upon request

 "Over 5000 square feet
quoted upon request"

Note: Add $25.00 for homes with a crawl space foundation. Other additional charges may apply depending on the condition of the home.


Town Homes *

Up to 2500 square feet    $350.00

2501 through 3000 square feet   $375.00

Over 3000 square feet quoted upon request


Up to 2000 square feet   $300.00

2001 through 2500 square feet   $325.00

2501 through 3000 square feet   $350.00

3000 square feet and above   0.10 per square foot

Mobile Homes*

Mobile Homes    $350.00

Four Point Insurance Inspections

Standard Home up to 4000 square feet   $75.00

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Standard OIR-B1-1802 Form

Tampa Bay Area   $75.00

Combo Discount
Four Point & Wind Mitigation

Standard home   $120.00

Citizens Roof Condition Certification

Only one & two story buildings   $50.00

Roof Inspection & Wind Mitigation   $100.00

FEMA Elevation Certificates


* All comprehensive home inspections include all the necessary insurance inspections at no extra charge, including Wind Mitigation, Four Point, and Roof Inspection reports.

NOTE: All pricing is based on one trip to the property. Any additional trips required at no fault of PCI will be subject to additional charges.

Payment options: Cash, check,
Visa, Master Card, Discover



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