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"Our home inspection is your best protection !"

I have had over 50 clients in the last 6 or 8 months get wind mitigation inspections from your company and every single one of them have saved money. Anywhere from 100.00 to 1200.00 per year. I appreciated the way you have gotten to our customers quickly and forwarded the inspections to us in a timely manner. I just had a client say that her friends all told her that her house was new and she would not get significant savings and she wound up saving 500.00. Thanks for taking care or our customers and saving them so much money.

On another note, we have several companies soliciting our business and have found that you are very competitive with the rates.

Office Manager & Marketing Director
State Farm


W.K. wrote:

I can say that every client I have spoken to about your inspection said you were very professional and very personable. Having met you in person I got the same impression. I have had clients save anywhere from $177.00 up to $1300 plus depending on who their insurer is and what the inspection said. The smallest discount was $177 which more than paid for the inspection. I highly recommend you to any client I speak with. I appreciate that you treat my clients with professionalism and courtesy.


L.C. wrote:

"Here are some real dollar figures (saved) low to high:





(Note: these are annual savings, good for five years)

Also, "another client wrote: 'That inspection saved me that much ($978)'..."

Thanks for everything!
L. M. C, Office Representative


Thank you for all your help with my customers. They are always pleased with the Heberts
Leslie R. (insurance agent)


Hi George-

Thank you for going the extra mile for Mrs. M.  She is a very nice lady and I appreciate the help that you provided.

Please let me know if you have any questions in working with Mrs. M.

Thank you!
Denise (State Farm Agent)


Dennis & Sarah H. Liberty Mutual reduced their insurance from $3600.00 down to $1975.00! We need more of your business cards!


Our insurance dropped $1200.00/year!  Marty G.



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